About BP LLC – Read Me First!

BathPacks is a new business model for General Contractors and home remodelers. We offer a partnership for licensed contractors to be educated in Aging In Place design principals and offer sensitivity training as part of our contractor education program.

We provide real clients to contractors - clients who have already made a decision to purchase a bath remodel. As small construction projects are most often done by local independent contractors, we will seek those with the highest integrity to become part of the BathPacks Affiliate Program. They will be responsible for obtaining any local building permits that may be required, and guaranteeing their work for 1 year, or however  long their local building department requires.

BathPacks provides a complete set of plans to guide the work. Local contractors gain a new client, and may be asked to perform other construction work as part of the bath remodel. By specializing in Aging in Place, and receiving sensitivity training as part of our curriculum, the contractor will greatly improve their services.

The steps to become a  BathPacks Affiliate are:

1. Take the Ethics Survey on this site and submit the answers to BathPacks for review, along with the application in step 2.

2. Fill out an application form detailing your Licensing, Insurance Coverage, business history, financial status and providing references, both business and client contacts. Submit this by email or fax Jane@bathpacks.com or 650-7289004

3. Arrange for a training date and attend virtual training, or training in San Francisco as you prefer.

4. You will begin receiving jobs in your area as soon as we can start advertising that BathPacks are available in your geographic zone.

You can find out more about BathPack’s Affiliate Opportunities and apply by reading the links below: