Aging In Place: Defined

Definition: Aging in Place is a movement which supports the idea that most elders should be allowed to live out their lives in their own homes rather than being forced into assisted living or nursing homes. Those in favor of aging in place realize that allowing the majority of our aging population to stay in their homes will require changes in our housing and health care practices. A number of different organizations and agencies are working toward that end.

Some groups and organizations that support Aging in Place focus on allowing the aging population to live in their own homes. These organizations support making modifications to existing homes, providing assistance for upkeep of houses and facilitating home health care. A major concern of these groups is supporting Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs).

Another branch of the movement focuses on creating new communities that will supply the needs of an aging population.

Both branches of the movement support rethinking housing design, using technology and revising health care delivery practices to allow seniors more choices about how they wish to spend their last years.

Also Known As: Aging at Home

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