Toilet Talk – Somebody Has to Do It!

All new toilets on the market today use a maximum 1.6 gallons per flush. Manufacturers have redesigned the flushing mechanisms, bowls, and trapways to ensure a proper flush. … [Read More]


Sola-Tube Daylighting System

A Sola-Tube is a unique product that puts daylight in to darkly lit rooms or those without windows. For a bathroom, ventilation and lighting are both safety and esthetic … [Read More]


Shower Valves: Thermostatic

The most sophisticated and easy to configure shower systems for multiple shower heads, or showers with a bath, hand shower and shower head, are controlled by Thermostatic … [Read More]


Shower Valves: Pressure Balance

A Pressure Balance Valve is the minimum standard that must be implemented in any bath/shower remodel. No longer are two valves, Hot and Cold, certified for new installation in … [Read More]


Pony Wall

Pony Wall – is a short wall dividing your shower/bathing area from the toilet or tub. As a pony is a short horse, so is a pony wall a short, half height wall. It sometimes … [Read More]


Frameless Shower Enclosures

View the BathPacks: Frameless Shower Video now! When we size your shower enclosure, we always first consider the size of the room. Usually, a frame-less shower enclosure, … [Read More]


Comfort Height Toilets

ADA Compliant or "Comfort Height" Toilets Many residential designs are beginning to use ADA compliant model toilets as a standard model. The tank is the same, but the … [Read More]


Barrier Free Shower Access

Barrier-Free or Accessible Showers are curb-less showers and are easier to get in and out of than conventional showers or bathtubs. The floor of a roll-in shower is level with … [Read More]


BathPacks Simplify Your Bath Remodel

Congratulations and Welcome! You’ve decided to remodel your bathroom. BathPacks is here to help. At last, an easy way for you to simplify the complex process of remodeling. You customize a designer styled bath. Our Certified Affiliate installs the bath in 3 weeks.

Aging In Place Remodel Elegant Tile Side mounted faucet with Granite and Glass MosaicTravertine Shower surround and screen Blue Floor TilePressure Balance Shower TrimArched Brightly Lit Aging In Place Bath Remodel Medicine Chest 

Years of experience designing and installing hundreds of baths. BathPacks makes it easy for you!

  • Get the beautiful, sophisticated bathroom you want

  • Use only safe, planet friendly, high quality materials

  •  You pay a set, affordable price


  • Vanities only

  • Powder Rooms   

  • Small Bathrooms 

  • Assisted Living Options


 Our proven construction process gives you control over your remodel. Materials delivered to your BathPack Affiliate General Contractor. Construction complete in three weeks!+


*Visit our online showroom to find the design that captivates you to enhance your bathroom; create a functional redesign that allows you to age comfortably at home, change your environment with  ”Green” selections. It’s all up to you!

For more information, please contact and we’ll get back to you right away.

*When you go to our private showroom you will be asked to sign up for free. Once you have filled out the log in information you will be emailed your password within 1 minute of registering. Follow the link in that email to sign in, once you are signed in you can view our private showroom.


+BathPacks timeline guaranteed for standard 30 sf to 60 sf size baths.